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Gentlemen Of Jackass
Episode One - 10/26/03

This is the episode guide for episode 1!

Phil's Hell Day:  Bam sets off on a journey to piss his dad, Phil, off.
     Operation 1:  Fire Pole:  At 5 AM, Bam starts up a chainsaw and wakes his parents up.  He cuts a hole in his bedroom floor and puts a fire pole in so he can slid down it to get to the bottom floor of the house.
     Operation 2:  Hot Beef Makeover:  At 6:30 AM, Bam and his girlfriend Jenn iron hamburgers on all of Phil's clothes.
     Operation 3:  Ground Beef Teeth:  At 8:30 AM, Bam, Ryan, and Raab put ground beef in Phil's toothpaste tube and Phil brushes his teeth with it.
     Operation 4:  Remote Control Hydraulics:  At 10 AM, Phil and Bam's uncle, Don Vito, go out for breakfast.  Bam, Brandon, Rake, Raab, and Ryan follow them.  When Phil and Don are about to pull out, Bam starts playing with the hydraulics remote.
     Operation 5:  Very Low Rider:  Bam and Brandon steal Phil's van keys and demolished the thing.  I mean, everything busted up.
The Smell Of Peaches:  Ryan is in the kitchen talking on his cell while Bam sneaks his peach to the edge of the table and farts on it.
House Skatepark:  Bam has $20,000 worth of ramps put in his house while April and Phil is gone.  He invites 10 pro skateboarders to come and shread up the house.

Episode 1 aired on 10/26/03!