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Gentlemen Of Jackass

Here's where I'll put updates!

11/4/03-  A few more pics are up.  Sadly, I have a report to do for 100 pts. due tomorrow.  I can't really do that much.  Meg at Ultimate Jackass (Links page) made me another banner, that should be up soon hopefully.  Peace!
11/2/03-  Okay, I did do work on this thing yesterday, I just didn't put it here.  I did change the home page a little bit.  On the Viva La Bam page, the episode guide and quotes are up for the first episode and some pictures are up.  I have the episode guide and quotes for episode 2 but I have to get the pics done first.  There's still nothing on Wild Boyz.  I didn't even watch the show tonight.  I'm gonna catch the re-run tomorrow night.  All the pics for Viva La Bam should be up tomorrow and I'll start on Wild Boyz.  Peace!
10/31/03-  Officially, it's November 1st. cause it's almost 3 in the morning but it's still the 31st. to me.  I'll probably be changing up the home page a little tomorrow, I dunno yet though.  Uh.. I'm working on the shows page right now.  You go to the shows page, click on the link under the show, you'll go to a big picture with 3 links under it, episode guide, quotes, and pictures.  It'll take you no where right now.  I don't have the cast bios on there for every show cause all the guys on the new shows was on Jackass and they are on the Cast Biography page.  I might change it later though, probably not though.  Tomorrow (Saturday, today, whatever), I have to finish the picture for the Jackass show page, I made all the pics for the shows, thanks to Meg for the stills from Wild Boyz and Viva La Bam.  The quotes and episode guides will probably be up tomorrow (Saturday) but I dunno about the pictures yet.  I don't wanna wait a while cause new shows come on this Sunday and I don't wanna be behind.  I don't know how much I'll get done tomorrow/today (whatever) cause my brother's leaving for training to go to Iraq :o(  But, the episode guides and quotes will be up!  I have a few more kinks to work out with the pictures, about the whole tryin get thumbnails, and figuring out how to do it without thumbnails just in case.  I also have a bunch of interviews that will but up soon.  And I found a bunch of Jackass quizzes and I'll add those.  I might make a little fun section on the site.  If you take the quiz and send me the HTML code, I'll make a page to put your results along with your name, website (if you have one), and e-mail address (if you wanna).  I'm really tired.  I mean, come on!  It's 3 in the morning.  Till I wake up then.
10/30/03-  I spent all day working on this thing.  First off, I got a counter FINALLY!  As for the pictures, I think I got that figured out.  Uh.. All the biographies are up and working.  Chris Pontius got arrested recently, read about that on the News/ Gossip page.  I've started work on the Shows page.  It'll have a picture and link to go to the show's page on here.  Viva La Bam's picture is up, I made it really fast so it's not that great.  Wild Boyz and Jackass pages are gonna be up soon.  I got stills from Viva La Bam thanks to Meg at Ultimate Jackass (go to her site, it's on the links page).  I got Bam's, Steve-O's, and Tony's official websites on the Links page.  I think that's it.  There's probably gonna be no updates tomorrow since it's Halloween and I'm going out, unless I do it late at night.  I promise I'll bust my ass on it Saturday.  I have a bunch of interviews so I'll be making a Interview page soon.  That's all for now.
10/29/03-  Another 5 hours of work.  I got most of the bios up.  They should be finished tomorrow.  I have 3 more to do, I think.  There's a new "rumor" on the News/ Gossip page.  No word from TONY HAWK yet!  When I get done with the bios, I'll start on either the pictures page or a page for CKY the band.  I decided to put CKY on here cause they're awesome, Bam's brother is the drum player, and they and their music is the the CKY movies.  Halloween's in 2 days so party hard!  Please e-mail me with your questions, comments, ect. cause I need help still.  I still can't figure out how to get a counter on here.  It sucks.  More tomorrow.  Laterz!
10/28/03-  If you didn't watch Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz, you missed out!!  They were sooo hilarious.  The website's already going through a change.  I'm working on the biographies, you now have to click on the guy's name and it'll take you to their bio.  But, if you click on it right now, you'll get a blank page.  Biographies will be up tomorrow (hopefully)!  I e-mailed TONY HAWK himself to get his info in his own words so I hope that he writes me back.  Pictures should be up soon, I need to know how to make thumbnails though.  HELP!  There's gonna be pages up for Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz with episode guides, quotes, and pictures as soon as I get that going.  I'll probably make a page for the shows (Jackass, Viva La Bam, and Wild Boyz) and you'll click on a link to the show you want.  The Pictures page is gonna have links to get ya what you want (Bam pics, Steve-O pics, pics from them on talk shows, ect.).  Big thanks to Meg at Ultimate Jackass (check links page) for making me the awesome banner for my site on the home page.  Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz reruns are on all this week, catch those, they are funny as can be.  New shows come on every Sunday.  I registered my site to come up in search results, I won't know for "2 weeks to several months" if it works.  5 hours, a major headache, and several t.v. shows later... and this is what all I did.  Check back later.
10/25/03-  Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my electricity has been a bit wacked out.  I can't do that much right now.  Nobody has let me know how to put a counter on here.  And I need to know how to make thumbnails for my pictures.  Please let me know.  You can tell this is my first page huh?  Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz debut tomorrow.  Watch it, it should be great! 
10/20/03-  Updated the Biographies page.  If you know something on Ehren McGhehey, please send it to me.  I don't know hardly anything about him, but what I do know is up.  Does anyone know how to put a counter thing on here??  HELP!!!!
10/13/03-  So far:  Updates page is up, Episode Guide, Contact Me, Links, and some Biographies are up (I think that's it).  Please, if you see something that ain't right or ain't even on here, e-mail me and let me know, and I'll add it.  When I make a Credits/Thanks page, I'll thank you and give you credit on that.  Anyone know how to put a counter on this thing??  E-mail me if you know, and if you think something should be on here that isn't.  Help me folks!  I made this page for you, the fans, and I can't make you happy if you don't tell me stuff.
10/12/03-  Opening Night!  All that is done on here was just done today so there's not very much.  Please feel free to contact me and help me out some.  I'll work on it some more tomorrow.

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