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Gentlemen Of Jackass
Steve-O Biography

This is the biography of Steve-O!


Real Name:  Stephen Gilchrist Glover
Nickname:  Steve-O, Yea Dude, All Balls, and the Cheetah.
Birthday:  June 13, 1974
Marital Stats:  Girlfriend, Candy.
Home:  Los Angeles, California
Tattoos:  Self portrate on back; upside down penticle on wrist; Sonny on collarbone; Satan fish on right arm; I Have A Small Weiner on right arm; XYZ on right arm; bat on back; I Love To Bone annagram on arm; Your Name on right ass check; vines, flower, and butthole on leg; off road smilie face on left arm; and flying penis on arm.
Interesting Fact:  Steve-O attended and graduated from the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Baily Clown College in 1997.  He performed on cruise ships and toured with the Hanneford Family Circus before quitting to become a Jackass.

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