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Gentlemen Of Jackass
Ryan Dunn Biography

This is the biography of Ryan Dunn!


Real Name:  Ryan Dunn
Nickname:  Random Hero and Plugs
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Brown
Birthday:  June 11, 1977
Home:  West Chester, Pennsylvania
Hobbies:  Sleeping and eating.
Influence:  Tom Piscattello
Fav. Movies:  Gross Point Black, One Crazy, and Annie.
Fav. Food:  Red beat eggs.
Hates:  Everything at one time.
Likes:  The t.v. in his car, his jean jacket, and his mom.
Interesting Fact:  Ryan went to rehab "to get the drugs out of my system early" at the age of 15.  His parents moved the family from Ohio to Buffalo in hope to curb his drug habits before setting in West Chester where he hooked up with Bam at school.

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