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Gentlemen Of Jackass
Dave England Biography

This is the biography of Dave England!


Real Name: Dave England

Nickname: Cock Suckin' Motherfucker, Chef Dave, DEK, and Darf.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Height: 5'10''

Birthday: December 30, 1969

Home: Portland, Oregon

Maritial Stats: Married

Hobbies: Snowboarding.

Tattoos: Black pig on right arm and a design on his back.

Fav. Music: Ween, DJ Me DJ You, The Meatmen, White Stripes, Gang Green, The Owners, Dan Creech Band, Man Chowder, and Geisha Boys.

Fav. Skater: Neil Blender.

Fav. Movies: Clockwork Orange, The Jerk, The Feebles, and Harold and Maude.

Fav. Food: BBQ chicken.

Fav. Drinks: Coffee, beer, and water.

Fav. Actor: Bud Cort.

Fav. Actress: Anne Ramsey.

Fav. TV Show: Sigmond the Seamonster.

Interesting Fact: You might have heard Dave talk about his "one nutt" before. That's because he injured one of his little friends in a snowboarding accident and had to have it removed.

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